Sunday, 14 June 2015

Martha's Musing

So today I've decided to start one of these blog thingies that seem to be all the rage! Now at my age one does wonder if that's a little crazy and if one will keep doing it! So to start it will probably be just one of those weekly things that will get dipped into now and then, bit like my local sea, dip your toes in for all of 2 seconds before the frost bite starts.
Recently i've been wondering about certain things that are said, for example, where did the phrase "back in the day" come from, and which day are you refering too? Where do you decide to go back to that would infer that it was "back in the day"?
Was it last week, last year, 5 years, 10 years? How do you decide which day was back there so long ago that it was the one you refer to, to be an age ago that things were different!
Every new day for me is different so does that mean every day I can say back in the day?
I heard it said today by a rather young lady, certainly many moons younger than oneself. Was she really old enough to be able to refer to "back in the day"? How old do you have to be before things are so long ago they were "back in the day"!
I shall leave that musing where it is for now or else I will end up going around in circles and wrap myself up like a kipper!
Now where did that come from?